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Christian music producers Aram Rian and May Zoean (VO.X Project, Rendezvous, F14) with a Londo taxi / London cab


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VO.X (pronounced as [vox], derives from the biblical "vox clamantis in deserto" in Latin and the phrase "volume X" implying endless ongoing work) is an independent non-denominational Christian music project currently represented by music producers Rián (Aram Rian) and May (May Zoean). Stylistically, VO.X manifests itself as a multi-genre music initiative. Ideologically, it is not affiliated or associated with any religious, political, social, educational and cultural establishment, movement or group.

Previously known as a duo-band project (pre-2012) represented by Rián and singer-songwriter Gaya, then as Aram Rian's solo project (2012-2016) and subsequently as the current duo-venture (2016-present) comprising Rián and music producer May. Originally launched by singer-songwriter and guitarist Igor Siletsky in the late 1990s.


As a contemporary gospel music project, VO.X (featuring Rián and Gaya) was twice selected as the Best British Act in the category of Contemporary Gospel Music within the framework of British Gospel Music Awards 2003 and 2004 in the United Kingdom (the winning songs being "No Matter" and "Gone with the Wind").

In 2012 (as VO.X went solo and functioned as a studio collaborative project represented by Aram Rian), Rián's song "Off the Beaten Path" became an International Songwriting Competition (USA) winner in the category of Best Music Video.


In 2016, Aram Rian became known as a lucky music producer who caught Sir Paul McCartney's attention during the June 2 concert in Madrid (Spain). The legendary Beatle (whose music had immensely influenced Rián's songwriting and musical taste) personally accepted a gift pack from Rián, containing the music producer's album "From Rián to McCartney".


The autumn of 2017 saw VO.X go back to the duo format: along with female music producer May, Rián released a new VO.X EP album, "One-Way Ride" on November 14th 2017. The album featured elements of electropop, indiepop and chillout. One of the album songs, "When The Worlds Collide", became an International Songwriting Competition (USA) winner in 2017.

The 2019 Easter season served as an introduction to another chapter in VO.X’ music biography. The project started to regularly release new Gospel-orientated songs from 3 concurrent upcoming albums: “Stereologue”, “Beatitudes in Progress”, “Unmade in Yerevan”.

One of the 2020 highlights was the world-renowned English band Keane sharing VO.X producer Aram Rián's symphonic overture (dedicated to their latest album "Cause and Effect") on their official Twitter. They praised Aram's work, saying they loved it and were really impressed. See the tweet here.

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© VO.X, Aram Rian & May Zoean

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