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Christian music producers Aram Rian and May Zoean (VO.X Project, Rendezvous, F14)



As a team of independent Christian music producers (Rián & May), we have launched F14Music to specifically support Christ-inspired songwriting and music production.

This is a FREE-OF-CHARGE (or donation-based) web-service for unsigned Christian musical talents who need help with producing their spiritual songs.

We enhance your songs with beautiful arrangements (= extra musical instruments, from natural to electronic). We arrange your song manually from scratch: no pre-recorded standard library loops and samples whatsoever. 

We are fun to collaborate with. Friendly, flexible, creative, easygoing, reliable as people. Professional, meticulous, diligent, contemporary as music producers.


We are doing this free of charge, since we consider Christian songwriting and music creation to be a form of God-gifted activity. God’s gifts to His children are free. So we have decided that we should freely give what we have freely received (i.e. our music production skills).

Jesus didn’t charge for his sermons. The Apostles didn’t sell the copies of their epistles to local churches. The disciples never took money for helping or healing their fellow Christians. They didn’t. So why should we?

F14Music services are free, indeed. However, if you reckon the work we’re doing is worth supporting, you can donate anything you want or you have - in return to our favour. It could be any amount of money you feel like donating. Or any favour you might be able to do in exchange for our music production help. It could even be a slice of pizza you’d like to treat us to. Or a cool T-shirt. Or a gadget, a piece of equipment you don’t use. Or you could offer us your own service free of charge, if you’re a photographer / videographer / designer / programmer / writer, etc. Or you could spread supportive information about our F14Music Production on your social pages. You can basically offer us anything, any gift, that you think we might benefit from. Something that might encourage us throughout our work. So that this becomes a mutually useful and supportive process within the context of the Body of Christ (if you’re a Christian, you’ll know what that means). If you’ve really got nothing to offer in return - no worries, our music production is still free!

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

For donations, you can use the PayPal Donate button you see on this page. It's a secure process via PayPal. You click the Donate button, and it takes you to our PayPal page (registered to F14 Music co-manager Rián) where you insert the sum you wish to donate to support F14Music’s mission. Then, you proceed - securely paying either through your PayPal account or with a credit / debit card.


To be eligible for this FREE service, your song/composition (original or cover) needs to be:
- Christ-inspired,
- Gospel-motivated,
- Jesus-focused,
- God-worshipping,

- lyrically and musically well-written and well-performed

You send us your demos, we assess your song in terms of its Bible-based Christian spirituality. If we find your track eligible for F14Music FREE services, we proceed.


You email us a home-made demo of your  song > we build a full arrangement around it > you record and mix your vocals on top of our arrangement elsewhere at any recording studio.


You email us the decent-quality audio tracks of your well-performed vocals + your main instrument, if you want it to be played by you (preferably recorded to the metronome click at a specific tempo) > we build a full song arrangement around the provided basic material > we also mix your song, if you want us to.

If you have no specific instructions for us in terms of arranging your song, then we create initial music arrangement that we feel goes well with your composition. If you approve, we proceed. If not, we discuss it further.

Important! We will work with you, if


  • you confirm you are a real person (social network profiles, etc.);

  • your material is good, morally decent and meaningful


Contact us with any of your questions, queries and proposals.
F14 Music. Arrange your song with us! It’s FREE!
God’s grace be with you!


LISTEN to some of our audio samples, to taste the sound of our song arrangements and music production. See the audio samples list below.


All of the presented samples are copyrighted material, i.e. they belong to various established artists or projects that we arranged these for. You have no permission to use these samples: these are for preview only.

When listening to the following samples, please use good speakers or decent headphones.

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