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"Two Tickets to the Future - or - 100 Years Away" is Aram Rián's dream project initiated back in 2013, with its objective being to create the sequel to the iconic 1984 Soviet sci-fi movie "Guest from the Future”. Apart from being the initiator, Rián has composed a 30-piece soundtrack for the potential sequel, collaborated with Russian singer Angelina Sergeyeva for the vocal tracks and Armenian film director Anna Arevshatian for the draft version of the scenario. There has recently been an uncertain hiatus in the project, but Rián is still hopeful to complete it some day. The project's official website is in Russian. Please visit it if you can read and understand Russian. Here are some of the music compositions for "Two Tickets to the Future - or - 100 Years Away", written and produced by Rián.

#aramrian #столеттомувперед #алисаселезнева

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